Wal Herring is a Nutritionist and parent of three children. She founded Wals Nutritiona popular blog about parenting, life and nutrition, in 2013. She loves the outdoors, all things natural and making people smile. Wal loves to travel and has worked and lived in England, Japan, Canada and currently resides in New Zealand.

Wal believes that healthy eating is about developing a healthy relationship with food, with healthy eating being about loving what you eat and eating what you love while nourishing yourself.




Throughout 15 years of seeing clients, parents, athletes and children Wal developed a very individualistic approach to nutrition. What works nutritionally/physically for clients and also what fits into their lifestyle. One diet does not fit all and there are many ways to change behaviours, both in children and in adults. After all, that is what health and healthy eating is all about, changing or forming (with children) habits to last a lifetime where the emphasis is a healthy relationship with food.

Healthy eating does not have to be boring or made into a sacrifice. Healthy eating is a way to nourish yourself both physically and mentally, above all it should be something you want to do (as opposed to ‘should do‘).




After graduating from Otago University in New Zealand with a Master of Science in Nutrition, as well as a Physical Education degree Wal headed to England where she began re-defining how she saw and taught nutrition. From working in professional sporting environments and with parents of different cultural backgrounds, as well as living in England, Japan, New Zealand and Canada she has learnt that nutrition is as individualised as spots on a leopard.

Wal helps people take responsibility of their lifestyle.

At the age of 21 Wal went through treatment for Hodgkin’s Disease. Through this experience she became even more passionate about searching for answers to optimal health. Her passions include health, writing, mountain-biking and challenging herself. Wal is always looking at how she can coach individuals and parents to have an enjoyable healthier lifestyle. Fun and laughing is a big part of that equation. Healthy eating should be easy and she can show you how. If you are a parent, then start with reading her book Healthy Little Eaters and  if you want to find out more, head over to





Professional Bio:

Wal’s mission is to help you feel confident. Although being labelled as dyslexic at school she went on to graduate with a Master of Science in Nutrition as well as a Physical Education degree and Diploma in Homeopathy. Wal has worked for Professional Rugby Teams as well as the English Rugby League team. Her relaxed, easy going nature enables her to inspire and empower people to take responsibility for their health and their children’s health.



What’s with the name Wal?

A question Wal gets asked a lot is, why do you get called Wal? Born as Kyle Jane Doel, at the age of nine most of my family and friends were calling me Wally. My dad started it. As a kid I loved to play hide-and-seek. My hiding skills were awesome, akin to findingPrint a polar bear in a blizzard. Nobody could find me. I would find holes only a great contortionist could get into. I would fall asleep, only to wake because a chorus of people were singing my name. My whole family had been looking for me. At the same time ‘Where’s Wally’ picture books were popular. As he was as hard to find as I was, the name Wally fitted rather well. So I became Wally. There is another part to the story that I don’t often tell. When meeting me some people say I suit the name. I am a bit of a Wally, I can be a bit silly, goofy and I love to laugh at things not many people laugh at. Some think Wally is a derogatory name, I choose to see it as a fun name. Over the years, my name got shortened to Wal. I also got married – Hence, Wal Herring, and Wals Nutrition.