About the Book

Having Healthy Little Eaters is possible. 


Healthy Little Eaters is a combination of science and practicality advice to help children develop a healthy relationship with food.I am Wal Herring and I am a  trained Nutritionist and parent who after having my first child realised how my knowledge of what to eat did not necessarily translate to what my daughter wanted to eat.

In my search for more I uncovered loads of science and theory of how to get children to develop a taste and positive relationship with healthy food. After trialling this new found knowledge in my growing family and talking to other parents this book was created.

I believe that we can make a huge difference as parents in children relationship with food, how they see food, use food. I envision our children growing up with a healthy relationship with food. Meaning they are not thinking they should eat or not eat something, there is no guilt and overall their minds are not taken up by good/bad food choices – they make great decisions naturally. Imagine how much more energy they would have to thrive in their lives. This makes me smile.


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Healthy Little Eaters is a book that aims not to say do this… this is the best way. Rather it provides parents with a different way to think about how they interact with their children around food. Suggestions of how to encourage the love of healthy food. But most importantly you get to choose what fits in with your lifestyle and priories. At the end of the everybody is different (which is something we should embrace) and everybody has different priorities.

I hope to inspire a few ‘aha’ moments, just as I have had over the years of creating this book.


If you interact with children in any way, as a parents, a caregiver, a teacher. This book will have something for you to sit back and think about.


Lets get put food choices in focus and help our children develop a healthy relationship with food.